Event Information:

  • Wed

    Rolf Olsen: How to find your North Star

    12:00 - 14:00Café Ex Machina, Rue du Vieux-Marché 11, 1260 Nyon

    Business & Economy with Rolf Olsen, CEO Leidar, Geneva/Nyon

    In this workshop the participants will learn what builds a good North Star and why it is important to have a North Star. The goal of the workshop is to inspire participants to find their North Star to help them set their course, navigate and communicate effectively.  By working through the methodology together, the participants will get the opportunity to draft their North Star. Roundtable discussions will help all leaders get feedback on their initial thinking.
    The speaker is Rolf Olsen, who has been running his firm from Nyon and now has offices in London, Brussels and Oslo.  Rolf launched Leidar in 2010 and continues to lead the company with a clear focus on clients. He has a background from politics, journalism and executive roles in Fortune 50 companies. He is Honorary General Consul for Norway in Geneva. In addition to chairing Leidar’s boards, he is chairman of the board of RPS Norway and a board member of Osmotex and Reuge.