Fabrics & Production

The exterior shell of the Element Line is made from sailcloth used by hightech racing sail boats. This fabric called XPac, developed by the world market leader from Kempen, Germany, is inherently waterproof and incredibly light thanks to its innovative laminate construction.

The vegan XPac VX21 boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market. XPac is extremely tough, durable and incredibly light.

Unfortunately, Flash struggled to keep up with the changing needs of modern-day users. Plagued with security problems and struggling to transition to the smartphone era really was the beginning of the end for the platform. From December 31, 2020, Adobe stopped providing any updates or security patches and all major web browsers disabled Flash from working for their users. Even those with the standalone version of Adobe Flash are on borrowed time, as the two-week grace period from the original cutoff deadline will see the official program cease to operate on January 12, 2021.

J’aime la neige

Politeness: Saying hello and good-bye in shops, doctor’s offices, to neighbours, etc. Being polite is not simply the result of not being distant or cold.

Punctuality: This is a sign of respect, showing that the other person’s time is as valuable as yours. It also shows you are organised and reliable.

Privacy: You are entitled to privacy, and it’s expected that you will not be intrusive. Personal questions are reserved for close friends and family.

Environment: Swiss understand their environment is their biggest asset and need to protect it. This starts with small gestures like recycling and not littering.

Patriotism: Swiss love their country and are proud of it, but identify with their cantons.

Independence: From other countries, international unions, and as much as possible the federal government. The independence provided through direct democracy is considered one of the key reasons Switzerland voted against joining the EU on several occasions.